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What is a SOC?

SOC stands for Security Operations Center, which provides operational defense capabilities against cyber threats by monitoring and handling incidents that may affect an organization’s main business operations.

Which SIEM systems does CYREBRO monitor?

The CYREBRO solution is technology agnostic. Therefore, once connected to the organization’s systems, it can work with any SIEM technology the customer implements without any additional installation needed. CYREBRO’s team monitors the different systems such as IDS, IPS, SIEM systems, DLP’s tool, NOC and so forth.

What is the difference between a standard SOC and a managed SOC?

A managed SOC provides effective monitoring capabilities and practical defense against cyber threats impacting the organization’s critical assets and business; whereas a standard SOC typically reports alerts and sends them back to the client’s internal security team for them to deal with.

How can I ensure my organization's data is secured?

CYREBRO is based on an initial setup phase, which includes a remote access connection setup, providing CYREBRO’s analysts secured access directly to the client’s systems without exposing the organization’s database.

What is CYREBRO?

CYREBRO, powered by CyberHat, is a professionally designed and operated managed SOC-as-a-service. CYREBRO analyzes an organization’s security and business requirements and delivers the most suitable cyber defense practices based on their business goals and needs. CYREBRO is the only unique, technology agnostic, expert-based SOC-as-a-service. Managed by Israel’s most experienced hackers, defenders and intelligence analysts, it provides customers with full monitoring coverage delivered by Tiered 1-4 analysts, dedicated incident respond teams and intelligence analysts.

What are the CYREBRO team's capabilities?

CYREBRO’s team is a well-trained, highly qualified and experienced analyst team, comprised of former elite Israeli military intelligence personnel and veterans of various security agencies, all of which have years of practical field experience in the cyber domain field with multiple languages capabilities (Chinese, Russian, English, Hebrew, Arabic, Spanish and more).


Why should I choose CYREBRO?

The Classic SOC approach is designed to provide an ‘eye on the glass’ IT security operation, mainly addressing compliance and governance issues. Alternatively, CYREBRO services include this in addition to effective and practical defense capabilities, managed by CYREBRO experts who also understand the need for a clear and comprehensive picture of the organization’s networks, machines and assets.

What is an Incident Response (IR) team?

An Incident Response team is a dedicated, professional unit which is responsible for handling any critical security incident within a defined SLA and well-versed in practical methodologies and runbooks. The incident response team is engaged by Tier 3-4 analysts and experienced past state-level incident response analysts. The team plans, coordinates and executes any step requiring expert technological competence.


Who operates CYREBRO?

CyberHat’s expert cyber security analysts are comprised of elite Israeli white hat hackers, defenders and veteran intelligence technicians, operating CYREBRO 24/7.

What does "attacker point of view" mean?

The CYREBRO team approaches cyber defense analysis through the lens of a real “Hacker/Cracker” world. Their security methodology follows an established best practice in the IT and cyber security world that emphasizes understanding of attacker tactics. Combined with their unique proactive mindset drawn from years of attacking experience, puts CYREBRO at the forefront of the cyber security industry.