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Our strategic partner, CyberHat, is featured by Forbes in the article: “Three Things To Know About Cybersecurity In 2019” as offering a compelling proactive solution for monitoring and managing cyber risk.

Our strategic partner, CyberHat, is featured by Forbes as an Emerging Leader in IoT Cybersecurity and Security Operations Center (SOC).

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The digital world continues to evolve and that provides greater opportunities for attackers to compromise your systems and run rampant with your data. Highly publicized network breaches have also generated an environment of tighter cybersecurity controls and stricter oversight from domestic and international authorities. More sophisticated cybercriminals and more comprehensive data protection regulations place a greater burden on mid-market businesses to find a robust network security solution that is simultaneously scalable to the demands of their industry and personal circumstances.

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) service is a premiere cybersecurity solution that can be customized according to your internal practices and allows you to fully safeguard your data privacy. Leveraging this Fortune 500-level SOC-as-a-Service enables you to deploy state-level digital security resources to eliminate gaps in your network defense and ensure true peace of mind concerning the well-being of your data.

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CYREBRO, powered by CyberHat, fills in this gap with firsthand knowledge and skill delivered by top former military cybersecurity experts. CYREBRO is designed for optimal efficiency and practical deliverables, adding experience and proficiency in structuring, operating and managing a relevant and effective Security Operations Center.

Real-world Experience

Many modern SOCs have no real-world offensive or defensive experience and stand helpless against daily threats.

Not another Commodity

In today’s world, most SOC solutions are commodity help desks that tend to the most basic mechanics of security systems.

professional expertise

The lack of true professional expertise in the cybersecurity domain has become painfully clear.

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