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#CyberMindsChat FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about #CyberMindsChat we also included little tips and tricks that can make your experience better.

It is  a tweet chat or twitter chat is loosely defined as a public Twitter conversation around one unique hashtag in this case #CyberMindsChat. This hashtag allows you to follow the discussion and participate in it. We are creating #CyberMindsChat because we want to build a community of both #experts and the general public to touch on the most interesting topics of #cybersecurity, #CyberRisk, #CyberThreat and #DataProtection.

To join in the #CyberMindsChat on Twitter all you need to do can be summarized into these easy steps:

  1. If you haven´t already create an account on twitter and follow @CyberMindsChat ´s official account. By following our account, you will have the most updated information around the chat.
  2. In our @CyberMindsChat account, and on this website, we will share the questions we create for each tweet chat you will want to have them handy to join the conversation.
  3. Every time we have a chat, we will have 6 different question for our users to answer, these are posted weekly in advance on our twitter account as an image and on our website in the #CyberMindsChat page. (link the page)
  4. The chat will happen on Wednesdays at noon Eastern Standard Time during that hour our official account will publish a question every 10 minutes for one hour having Q1 to Q6 through the hour. During those 10 minutes you will be able to answer using the format A1 … for Q1 and join the conversation around the topic.
  5. Do not forget that in order to be part of the conversation during that hour you will want to include #CyberMindsChat into all your tweets.

These are the simple steps necessary to participate on the #CyberMindsChat however we also recommend that you introduce yourself at the beginning of the chat, that way everyone will know who part of the conversation is.

Some of the members in our community have busy schedules so they cannot be physically present during Wednesdays at noon, or they simply want to Schedule their answers to be able to engage more in the conversation for them and for you if you are interested, we recommend using Twitters own .

This is a platform that easily allows you to  create and schedule tweets in advance here is an explanation on how to schedule tweets using Tweet Deck.

Scheduling Tweets

Tweet Deck allows you to schedule Tweets in advance. If you manage multiple accounts through Tweet Deck, you have the option to schedule Tweets for each of them.

For those who use Tweet Deck in a corporate environment, note that all scheduled Tweets for accounts connected to your Tweet Deck are visible to anyone with access.

To Schedule a Tweet:

  1. Sign in to your TweetDeck account and click the Tweet
  2. Confirm that the Twitter account you’d like to Tweet from is selected. 
  3. Compose your Tweet. Include an image or video with the Tweet by clicking Add images or video.
  4. Click Schedule Tweet and select the date and time you’d like the Tweet posted.
  5. Click Schedule Tweet at [date/time].
    Tip: View and edit your scheduled Tweets by adding a Scheduled column. Read about adding columns to your TweetDeck.

(This information is also available at

When scheduling your tweets do not forget to use the #CyberMindsChat Hashtag to be included in the conversation.

We are always looking for experts in #CyberSecurity , #CyberRisk, #CyberThreat , #DataProtection and other related topics to participate as featured guests and help us better understand those topics if you believe that you are a fit please send us an email to

This Week's Questions for March 20th

Hello all, today we have another amazing guest on #CyberMindsChat! Better known for his book and @Tedx talk titled #HumanFirewall we have the founder of @ramsac-ltd a usual contributor and friend of the chat. @robmay70 expert in #CyberSecurity #DataProtection #IT #CyberRisk #CyberCrime

Q1 @Robmay70 has talked extensively about the #HumanFirewall both through his book and on his @Tedx talk what is the first thing that comes to your mind when asked: What is the human firewall?  #CyberMindsChat #CyberSecurity #CyberRisk

Q2 We all have been impacted in one way or another in the past few years by the #CyberSecurity issues and #DataProtection problems around the internet however have you ever stopped to think; how big is the cybersecurity problem? #CyberMindsChat #CyberSecurity #CyberRisk

Q3 With all the information we have about #CyberSecurity and #CyberRisk do you think #Training is the answer and what are the pitfalls? #CyberMindsChat #Humanfirewall

Q4 How big a problem is Whaling and how does it differ to other #phishing #attacks? #CyberMindsChat #CyberSecurity #Humanfirewall

Q5When it comes to #CyberSecurity do you think that people should get their defenses tested and if so how? #CyberMindsChat #CyberRisk #Humanfirewall

Q6 3.7 billion unique users access the internet on mobile what risk are we exposed to with our mobiles/cell phones? #CyberMindsChat #CyberSecurity #CyberRisk #Humanfirewall

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