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Most enterprises today are not prepared for the increasing sophistication of cyber attacks and the introduction of new security regulations and compliance demands. CYREBRO, the first smart Security Operations Center (SOC), can help. 

Whether you need to tighten up your cybersecurity policies, develop an Incident Response (IR) program, or enlist a competent network security team, CYREBRO can help.

Technology Agnostic

CYREBRO was designed, built and is currently operated by veterans of Israel’s top cybersecurity unit. CYREBRO is completely technology agnostic, catering to any and all of the leading security systems and software on the market. We complement your organization’s existing security posture with expert-added capabilities without a need for any additional technology. Our CYREBRO solution caters to organizations of all sizes, from SMB to Fortune 500.



Enhance Your Security Monitoring and Response Capabilities from Day One!


Our unique approach of introducing secure remote connections into existing security systems not only provides for a cost effective and highly efficient solution, but also ensures that internal client data is never transferred off-premises, providing you with additional layer of security and confidence in your data’s privacy.

CYREBRO not only connects to your existing security posture, but also helps clients revisit and redefine the monitoring and defense structure leveraging a hacker’s point of view. We do not simply monitor “as is,” but constantly push to refine and update the defense through our own past offensive and investigative experience obtained around the world.

Multi-Layer Monitoring

 And response center, from “Tier 1” up to “Tier 4”, which consolidates monitoring, detection, response, coordination, management and development functions under one roof.

Proactive Service

That applies a unique “attacker’s point of view” to plug in all potential gaps, based on our extensive offensive and investigative experience, and enhances the overall defense capabilities of our clients in real-time

Professional Incident Response

Available 24×7 that not only assists you in blocking and containing an incident in real-time, but also acts as a professional management center throughout.

Analysis Team

A highly-trained, internationally qualified and experienced analyst team – all of which have years’ worth of practical field experience in the cyber-crime and cyber warfare domain on both the state and corporate level

Intelligence Solution

 Based on uniquely developed technology and an array of affiliations and tools designed to optimize ongoing intelligence collection and analysis. It is crafted specifically to provide practical and actionable feeds that are acted upon in real-time.

Advanced Forensics

That investigate, manage, and communicate incidents from the machine and network level up to the organizational level and provide malware analysis, reverse engineering and various advanced cyber investigation capabilities.


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